The World Ends with You


The World Ends with You (which is also known as It’s a Wonderful World in Japan) is a role playing game made for the Nintendo DS handheld system and was developed by Square Enix, the same team who had created another Square Enix title known as Kingdom Hearts, and Jupiter. The team had hoped to create a new game that was different from the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchises.

The setting of the game takes place in a fictional version of Tokyo’s Shibuya shopping district. As life goes on in the Realground (RG), those who are the chosen dead are taken to an alternate plane known as the Underground (UG) where the Reapers’ Game takes place. Dead players get the chance to obtain the prize: they can either be brought back to life or choose to transcend and become Reapers. The Composer is a god-like entity that maintains Shibuya while the Conductor tasks other Reapers to obstruct the players. Those who fail to complete a mission will have their existence erased.

The story revolves around a boy named Neku who at first has no recollection about how he died and learns the rules of the Game from his partners Shiki, Joshua, and Beat. It’s later revealed that Joshua had shot Neku and Joshua is actually the composer. Neku is given one last challenge: to shoot Joshua and determine Shibuya’s fate.

The soundtrack for the game was both composed and produced by Takeharu Ishimoto, a Japanese synthesizer programmer and video game at Square Enix. Much of the music in the game uses elements of different genres such as rock, electronic, and hip-hop. Since the beginning, the creators had wished to use a large variety of genres to compose the game’s soundtrack. The different genres would serve to fit the different moods that the different events and areas would give its players. The pre rendered movies were purposely removed and flash styled sequences were put in their place so there would be room to include over thirty songs in the game. In total, approximately ¼ of the game’s ROM is filled up by music.

The music definitely adds a lot to the feel of the game so making room for more music was a good call in my opinion. Much of the music in the game really adds to the atmosphere of the game’s battles and many of the songs are upbeat, fast paced, and catchy which really helps keeping players pumped and sucked into the game. The music also helps add to the emotional impact of the game’s storyline. The game’s soundtrack does an amazing job in combining the elements of different genres to create a distinctive soundtrack that helps to make the game what it is. If for anything, the game is definitely worth checking out for its music.


Written by Joey Vongpanya

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11 thoughts on “The World Ends with You

  1. Awesome! I’ll have to check this out. 😀 Relevant to my interests.

  2. I can relate to the fact that the developers chose different genres of music in order to accentuate different moods and feelings within the game. Most of my musical tastes have to do with mood. At the same time, I feel sound is bolstered both by image, lyrics, and atmosphere.

  3. Wow, I did not know this game existed until right now. Will definitely have to look into it. I definitely share your thoughts on the soundtrack for games. Certain levels or boss fights always have specific soundtracks to accentuate the feelings of the gamer. For example, during a espionage mission, the music is almost always going to be ominous and suspenseful to make the player feel uneasy and on his/her toes at all times.

  4. Al Ang

    This has been one of my favorite games to play. The music and how it applies to its audience I can relate to due to my own experience with this game. The upbeat and rhythmic instrumentals kept me pumped up the whole game especially during the battle sequences. The diversity of the musical genre was something that I also appreciated about this game.

  5. I’ve been around quite of few anime fans, never understood it. This blog here helped me understand that anime has awesome story lines and intense music that follow perfect with the scene. Thanks, I’m now interested

  6. Claudiaaaa

    I don’t like anime, but I do like games. This is pretty persuasive and makes me want to get the game. By the way, I really like that song in the video! (:

  7. AintNotinbutDiablo3allday

    This is SOOOO SICK, i just had to get this game. I decided to go to church, do community service, and free car washes. I was like, maybe if i saved enough karma, someone will buy this game for me. Its nice to want…….i would play this game. Yolo

  8. “Sounds” good, and like a good game. I agree, you can expect a game’s quality or story line by its music. Music gives an impression in games and serves a vital part in most entertainment. Nice blog post!

  9. Sean Ellis

    Can I please have this. Right now.

  10. sounds like an interesting game. The soundtrack sounds like it would be great to listen to while playing, based off the example track you posted. May have to check it out.

  11. TWEWY is a great game. And Guess what! Neku, Shiki, Joshua, Beat, and Ryhme will be making an appearence in KH3D! I’m SOOOOOO excited!
    Calling is a good song! I have it on my phone! 🙂

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