Final Fantasy XIII

When it comes to RPG, no game places more emphasis on the story than Final Fantasy. Scenes in the game can last well over 15 minutes, making it a theatrical experience.The music of Final Fantasy has always captivated the hearts of fans and helped to create an intimate space for the plot and storyline.

Final Fantasy XIII is the newest addition to the Final Fantasy series and its music does not fail to meet the standard set by its predecessors. The original composer for the game was supposed to be Nobuo Uematsu, who later relinquished the role to Hamauzu focus on Final Fantasy XIV.  Masashi Hamauzu was born in 1971 to a musical family in Germany. Hamauzu was raised in Japan and was educated in the piano by his parents. In 2004, Hamauzu took over as the lead musical composer at Square Enix. Hamauzu was employed by Square Enix from 1996 to 2010.

Hamauzu used orchestral samples from East West to compose the OST. The themes for the game, “Eternal Love” and “Kimi ga Iru Kara,” (Because You’re Here) were both sung by Sayuri Sugawara. The sound track for Final Fantasy XIII was composed in the course of one year.

Sugawara, born in 1990, is a famous Japanese pop singer who gained worldwide recognition for her vocals in “Because You’re Here,” one of the theme songs for Final Fantasy XIII. After winning two auditions in “7 Days Audition” and “30 Days Audition,” Sugawara received a contract with For Life Entertainment. In 2009 she released her mini album, “Kimi ni Okuru Uta.” Sugawara’s third single, “Sunao ni Narenakute” was featured in the J-drama of the same title, ” Sunao ni Narenakute.” The J-drama  “Kasouken no Onna” featured Sugawara’s fourth single, “Suki to Iu Kotoba.” In late March 2012, Sugawara released her latest album “Habataku Kimi e.”



Written by Warren Trinh

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3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII

  1. Jay

    Final Fantasy definitely has really good music. I still feel like the older Final Fantasy Series (VII, VIII, IX or X) still have better music than the latest addition to Final Fantasy.

  2. Astrid Luna

    Agreed, the classic ones have the best music but this game still didn’t disappoint

  3. derp

    I did like Uematsu’s earlier works, but the later ones (X was okay) just weren’t as good. I thought XIII was okay, but XII was one of my favorites… and was done by a different composer, whoops.

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